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We will publish the next edition of C&S magazine for Cevisama exhibition in Valencia.

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Ceramic & Sakhteman magazine is organizer of Ceramic Congress in Iran. So Many companies has been cooperated with C&S magazine in last events. Sacmi Imola, System ceramics, Durst, Siti B&T, Sicer, Efi Cretaprint, Xaar, NKT, ICF Welko, Kerajet, Newton, Colorobbia, Esmalglass-Itaca, Intesa, Inco, Luna Abrasive, and some others companies particpated in our last events as a sponsor.

Our Last event organized by C&S magazine (5th ceramic & Tile Congress) 28-29 November 2018 - Please visit our last videos in our social media pages in http://Aparat.com/ceramist . Please Follow us in social media pagesDownloas More Video From C&S magazine


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